Antonija Pacek

Antonija Pacek

Vienna, Austria, Europe

Antonija Pacek is a neoclassical piano composer with a soft spot for minimalism. She played concert at the renown Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome in 2019 and at the Teatro dal Verme in Milan last year and in 2019. After her concert in Rome, Scena Critica reviewed her concert and wrote: it was “a concert that goes directly to the soul” and it “creates an evocative poetic love”. In Milan, Free Magazine reviewed her concert at Teatro dal Verme, and titled the article, “Symphony of Emotions”. Antonija published her debut album, “Soul Colours” with Autentico Music-a German label, and signed a publishing contract with Warner Chappell (for Soul Colours). German media wrote that she is a female response to Ludovico Einaudi and that her music resembles Erik Satie.
In 2017 Antonija published her second album, “Life Stories”, and in 2018 her third album “Il Mare”, both of which were digitally distributed via spinnup (part of the UMG) worldwide, and are available on major streaming platforms as well as on Amazon and iTunes.

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