Antoine Caron

Antoine Caron

Montréal, Québec

ANTOINE WILLIAM CARON is a Montréal-based keyboardist and composer. After studying in Biology,  he worked in research labs, while playing in local pop and new wave bands.

He recently went back to his original music focus, the piano, with the release of a first solo piano album (“L’INÉVITABLE…”, 2018). The second one, “LA FALAISE” was released in the beginning of 2021. This time, the record includes a large proportion of improvised tracks, and features more sophisticated sound production.

Antoine’s style evokes classical music, movie soundtracks and some jazz and rock influences. Echoes from his favorite composers (Chopin, Ravel, Debussy and Satie), as well as new age atmospheres can be heard, but with a personal free-flowing approach allowing unusual collages and sometimes jagged transitions.

The juxtaposition of very structured compositions with free improvisations is what makes his latest album, ” LA FALAISE ” something special.

Over the years, Antoine Caron’s music has been aired on many radio stations in Canada (CBC, Radio-Classique, CHOM-FM, CKUT, CIBL, etc,) on TV (Télé-Québec) and in a film documentary (Montréal New Wave).


Artist Blog

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