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Amanda Dangerfield


Amanda Dangerfield composed and notated her first piano solo, “So Many Things to See,” at age 14, using the piano that had been her great-grandpa’s. Her teacher, Roger Lewis, encouraged his students to compose and enter the Reflections contest.

She earned an associate’s degree in Music and a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She married, had 4 daughters, and released her debut EP in 2017.  The title is A Small Miracle because of the piece she wrote at age 18. It also includes cover songs. Frazer Wambeke of Black Dolly recorded, mixed, and mastered it at Rainmaker Studios in Pasco, Washington.

Amanda became more interested in composing after Lynda Crawley of Yakima, who had written some lyrics, asked her if she could write the music for the lyrics. “I’ll Leave This World Smiling” was released in 2020, with Lara Johnson on vocals (there is also a piano solo version). They recorded it with Steven Lerud at Lakeview Media Productions in Saratoga Springs, Utah, during the Dangerfields’ move from Washington to Virginia.

Steven also recorded, mixed, and mastered Amanda’s 2021 singles. At the beginning of December Amanda released her first arrangement (mashup), “He Sent His Son / I Feel My Savior’s Love.” And at the end of December she released another neoclassical piece, “Each Heart.” She is slowly working on more!

Amanda curates Spotify playlists as BeFilledWithJoy. She loves to read, homeschool her kids, eat fruit and lettuce, and walk in nature.


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