Amanda Dangerfield

Amanda Dangerfield


Amanda Dangerfield is a pianist who composed and notated her first piano solo at the age of 14 on the old upright piano that had been her great-grandfather’s. She became interested in composing again over 20 years later, after her 4 daughters were born. Amanda’s piano music is neoclassical, but she also released a Christian song, “I’ll Leave This World Smiling,” in October 2020. Lynda Crawley of Yakima, Washington, USA wrote the lyrics and commissioned Amanda to write the music. Lara Johnson sang; search for her artist profile and check out her hymn albums in English, Spanish, and Russian.  Amanda is currently working on composing more piano solos including mashups. Her user name for Spotify playlists is BeFilledWithJoy. She and her husband and kids have lived in Utah, Washington, and now Virginia. Amanda and Lara recorded “I’ll Leave This World Smiling” in Utah during the Dangerfields’ move to Virginia. Amanda also loves to read, homeschool her kids, eat raw fruits and veggies, and walk outside daily.

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