Beacon- 20 Piano Pieces
  • Released: June 24, 2020
  • 20 track(s)

Beacon- 20 Piano Pieces To Find Stillness In Every Storm

​Beacon was composed during 2020- a difficult time for everyone the world over. The album came about after a dream Nathan had. He dreamt of a solitary lighthouse keeper who endured no human contact for months at a time, working tirelessly each day, keeping the beacon of light shining amidst storm tossed seas to guide ships safely to harbour.

Beacon is about hope. Even in humanities’ darkest times, it is important to keep the light of hope burning bright.

Nathan was living in an inner city apartment at that time, and spent his days looking out his studio window at the city and channelling his emotions into this album. The album represents 4 months of focused work.

From Nathan- “The process was very cathartic. Wrestling daily with the feeling of loneliness, isolation and uncertainty, yet finding solace, comfort and hope in channelling these tumultuous emotions into music. I wrote this album as a way to navigate through this experience and with the intention to offer hope to listeners. Even during storms, it is possible to find stillness.”


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