• Released: June 7, 2022
  • 11 track(s)

My newest album Grains, was released June 7, 2022. It is an ‘eclectic yet approachable’ collection of songs available for digital download only, via the worldwide web. ‘Grains’ is an amalgamation of jazz influences and chops, Brill Building pop-writing, (and diametrically opposed to 2016’s release- No Frills

, a strictly solo piano, instrumental album) and colors from a life well-lived and loved. The album title denotes the grains of sand that fall through the hourglass and their representation of time, for as we all know, as a great (yet anonymous) frog once said, ‘Time’s sure fun when you’re having flies.’ Songs includes ‘Broken’- a former tyrant expressing his regrets, ‘Thinking’- a pure love-song, ‘Otherwise’ and ‘Elephants’- reflections on recent events and ‘Baggage’- the frustration with the everyday grind; something we can all appreciate at one time or another. You can find it at most online music retailers, including and

Grains (track list): 1. Broken 2. Otherwise 3. Beyond 4. Thinking 5. Can’t 6. Elephants 7. Perfidy 8. Superman 9. Moment 10. Eyes 11. Baggage

Produced by Raymond M. Jozwiak See also: You Tube: Social: Twitter Facebook


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