Pensamientos anudados
  • Released: September 24, 2021
  • 2 track(s)

Pensamientos anudados (Knotted Thoughts in Spanish) is a Neoclassical prelude for piano solo.

Possibly we have all had the experience of not being able to get rid of thoughts that are tied to each other, produce a mental ‘short circuit’ and hinder the flow, preventing us from taking off. The title comes from a poem by (my literature teacher) Javier Adúriz: “One after another the days are drawn, / they fall in love, they lift / the fixed knot of your thoughts”.

Musically speaking, here is a melody that moves slowly on a constant and relatively static background. This melody reappears, always desolate, with minimal variations.

Pensamientos anudados” was composed in Bremen (Germany) in December 2020.

Released through the label Yellow Rose Records on 24 September 2021 (UPC: 5057272606299).

Artwork by Clayton Popa


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