Mihovilcevic: Interiores
  • Released: January 29, 2021
  • 4 track(s)

Interiores, four nocturnes for piano, by Luis Mihovilcevic, is a work that makes the listener work. It is not meant for superficial listening. It is for repeated listening - or none at all.

In the notes to the score, the author writes:

“In the composer, the deepest interiority occurs in encounters in the evenings, with a book, a score, sharing a glass of wine with Novalis or Desnos, in the sensuality of a beloved one, or in solitude.”

Aesthetically I perceive in this work some recurring elements in Luis’ work, for example, the integration of tonal elements in non-tonal contexts. Or a tendency to favor ‘continuity’ between musical ideas, ‘discursivity’, over the value of ‘unity’. And the allusion or quasi-quotations to works of the modern repertoire (particularly of the Vienna school - Schönberg & Co.).

The subtitle - “nocturnes”- announces an intimate, calm, concentrated, perhaps dark atmosphere.

Juan María Solare


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