Music for Non-Existing Films
  • Released: December 11, 2019
  • 7 track(s)

The album “MUSIC FOR NON-EXISTENT FILMS” contains 7 pieces, so many atmospheres and different themes for new potential films…

1. “Elementary My Dear” is a piece of music reminiscent of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In this musical theme, you will find, among other things, dialogues between Sherlock and Watson, as well as feeling of investigation.

2. “Nocturnal Emotions” is a piece of music composed to become the theme and musical background a new film, with a mindset of mystery, anxiety, strangeness, forest fog, and night exploration.

3. “Pioneers of the New Worlds” is composed with a mindset of new dimensions exploration and strange adventures.

4. “Manor of Suspicions” is a piece of music composed in a spirit of intrigue, mystery and English fog.

5. “Adventurers of Mysteries” is composed to become the main theme of a new film or TV series, with a mindset of dynamic exploration, team adventures, investigation, and unexpected rebounds.

6. “Romantic Tale” is composed with a mindset of love, sorrow, happiness, passion and eternity.

7. “Eccentric Unconcern” is a piece of music composed with a mindset of flippancy, recklessness, casualness, and frivolity.

Enjoy your listening! :-)


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