• Released: November 14, 2020
  • 8 track(s)

“If all the musical instruments in the world were burned to ash, still deep inside the heart of a good human being there will be beautiful hidden music playing.”

This Jazz solo piano album is dedicated to “Flowering Hearts.”

[March, 2021 news: “FLOWERS” was nominated here on SOLOPIANO.COM for “Album of the Year” in the JAZZ category and won “runner-up.”]

Each original composition touches the essence of a flower, reminding us not to forget to remember to let our hearts open and bloom. The compositions presented are:

1) Sunflower

2) Lotus

3) Lily Of The Valley

4) Hibiscus

5) Chrysanthemum

6) Lilacs

7) Jasmine

8) Lavender

This is a collection of ten solo piano pieces composed and performed live on a Steinway Model “M” Classic Grand by Jazz pianist Andy Wasserman. The piano is Wasserman’s main instrument and the heart of his life’s work in music. It is a perfect vehicle for the totality of his creative artistic expression.

These tracks express his individualistic piano style by connecting
spontaneity, expressive nuance and subtlety, harmonic intimacy, rhythmic intricacy, and an eloquent spectrum of polished dynamic gradation.

A passionately devoted educator, Wasserman is a certified instructor of The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization by Jazz legend George Russell (LCCOTO).


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