Christmas Songs All Wrong
  • Released: December 9, 2020
  • 16 track(s)

Parody improvisations on famous Christmas songs, altering them in funny ways:)

Here’s what a critic wrote:


Pianist Hakan Ali Toker takes everything you thought you knew about Christmas music and turns it upside down. His wild ride all over the 88s tosses up honky-tonk, jazz, classical, and boogie-woogie into a fearless mix of holiday merriment with deft pianism. He cleverly fools our ears in standard fare like “Silent Night” by using only the black keys in a blissful stream-of-consciousness, and then suddenly turns into a mad scientist on an unsuspecting white key, testing the “what if I try this?” theorem. Toker’s treatment is not a goofy science lab, but a giant fantasia of some of your favorite Christmas tunes that starts out deceptively innocent and ends with turning “Toyland” into a Jarrett-esque Iberian landscape. The album’s release is Dec. 9; grab it to entertain your most audacious Christmas cocktail parties and/or to use as a welcome antidote to the holiday chaos.

—Alexandra Ivanoff, arts contributor to the New York Times, Time Out Istanbul, Musical America, (Budapest), Harmonie (Prague), Andante (Istanbul), and AKOB (Turkey).


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