Art On The Piano
  • Released: October 18, 2019
  • 11 track(s)

“Art On The Piano” is a collection of eleven pieces of art, if you will, in which the “brushstrokes” are played out on the keys of the piano. Each piece is meant to draw the listener into another aspect of coming into the present, through the five senses.

“A Blackberry Sky” reflects what I call “after the sunset”, in which the sky is streaked with deep purples and indigos, as rich as a ripe blackberry…and when one takes that in, can go on seemingly forever…

“Butterfly” describes the elegant, exquisitely beautiful grace of the butterfly, as it effortlessly glides and lights silently, yet so majestically…

“In the Quiet” speaks of the deep, reverent peace we can attain only when we let the debris of our mind go…indeed, the answers to our questions can be found in the quiet…

“Jellies”, which is short for”jellybeans” was a lot of fun to compose. It speaks of the “challenge“ one meets when posed with the decision of which jellybean to choose amongst a bowl of all the different colors and shapes and flavors… this song is best enjoyed with a handful of “jellies“ :)

“The Room” is that place in each of us that, when healed, yields our greatest potential in our life purpose. The melody intentionally has dissonances, reflecting the imperfections and “gray areas” of our life’s journey. There is relief near the end, portrayed in sequencing elements, when clarity and peace are once again revealed.

“Repose” is about “rest”, specifically mental rest…the complete surrender to the present moment, to access the much-needed restoration of the emotional system, to attain the peace we seek and require for our health and well-being.

“Walk with the Trees” reflects the ancient, lovely groundedness we can easily access when walking barefoot amidst a grove of trees; the deep peace and healing the trees can provide us.

Enjoy, and may the music continue to lighten your days…

~holly jones


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  • rotcod2018

    rotcod2018 October 21, 2019


    Artful keyboard magic Holly Jones – ART ON THE PIANO:  This is my first listen to Holly’s artful keyboard magic, but I can tell you right now that it certainly won’t be my last… I found the following video (from an earlier album) that shows her creating LIVE with the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra…

    …pure and simply lovely, isn’t it?  To view more of Holly’s moving works, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube video channel – I did, right away.

    Since the album doesn’t go live until October 18th, 2019, you will need to trust my ears (I’ll come back as soon as I’m notified it’s gone live, and add the samples in)… one of the most striking compositions on the release is the simply titled “Butterfly”… as Holly states in the liner notes – “”I wish for my music to reach the truth in each person listening… to help them take pause in the busyness of life and to bring them peace and clarity“… the fanciful flights she takes with her brush (i.e., her keyboard) on this 5:00 composition will make you feel the flitting wings she is portraying… I believe this song will be getting some MAJOR airplay!

    The title track, “Art on the Piano”, will mesmerize you; if you listen to it (at least for your first sitting) with your headphones on, you’ll realize you are in the presence of a true piano master.

    Holly doesn’t “dazzle” you with rills and trills, but is able to use the “silent spots” to let you fill in your own scenery, especially on pieces like the wonderfully calming “Stillness of Brilliance”… I (truly) believe that this song will be nominated for (and WIN) awards!

    Of the eleven sensual pieces Holly sonically “paints” for us, I found “Repose” to be an immediate personal favorite… her “pacing” is pure perfection, and she always keeps the listener in mind… (I would love to see a LIVE video of this piece on her YouTube channel – hint! hint!).

    I give Holly a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this splendid sonic and visual piano adventure.  Get more information on Holly’s website.          Rotcod Zzaj

  • Matthew Meyer

    Matthew Meyer October 30, 2019


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