“Four Moons” a tribute to the 50th Moon Landing Anniversary

Olivia Belli

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical, Other

“Four Moons” a tribute to the 50th Moon Landing Anniversary
  • Released: July 19, 2019
  • 4 tracks track(s)

A tribute for the 50th Moon Landing Anniversary.

“The “First Man on the Moon” was one of the most important event of the past century; people from all around the world joined together to assist at it without taking care of their cultural, political, religion differences. Quoting Neil Armstrong’s words “one giant leap for mankind” it was able to connect people from all around the world and to exceed the space limit connecting Earth to Moon.”
With this EP Olivia Belli celebrates the Moon -this mysterious “Lady” that keeps watch on us every night- in the four moon phases: waxing, full, waning and moonless. The warm mood of piano and strings is mixed with space sounds and space radio transmissions (from NASA free audio files) to create a balanced contrast between modern technology and inspirational state


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