Bouquet of Daydreams
  • Released: July 12, 2019
  • 12 track(s)

I’d like to introduce my latest music release, “Bouquet of Daydreams”, featuring six new instrumental tracks. Each track includes the solo piano rendition and also a piano & strings version, which I’ll be releasing on Youtube weekly as music videos.

The first track, “Morning Glory” evokes images of morning dew, the breaking of dawn and the fresh start of a new day. “New Expectations” suggests pastoral scenes after the harvest, or perhaps the personal re-invention of beginning again. “Never Apart” describes the eternal romance of a sweet lovers embrace. “Childhood Memories” might remind you of the promises of youth and picnics in the sun. “Remembering You” is full of bittersweet nostalgia; memories of moonlight talks and twilight walks. “The Circle” suggests the cyclical changing of seasons and the metamorphosis of natures beauty.

Privately wandering the pathways of my mind, where thought and fantasy become reality. Lucid dreams that fulfill wishes, whilst indulging on the reflections of distant memories. Electrical storms of creativity fire and parallel futures bloom, quickly to wilt, like the flowers of the mind.


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