One Letter
  • Released: July 7, 2017
  • 7 track(s)

One Letter (in spanish “Una Carta”) is a classical-contemporary and solo-piano album, a collection of seven instrumental pieces composed by Ricardo Herrera. It was conceived as a letter written to a friend, made out of notes instead of characters.

Featuring Arcadio Canela (violin), Danni Lopez (drums), German Ruelas (classic guitar), Javier Zarate (acoustic guitar), Landy Villegas (transverse flute), Mario Crespo (viola) and Ricardo Herrera (piano/keyboards/percussion).

Recorded at Labyrinth Studio (Morelia, Mich.), except for the piano, recorded at “El Estudio” Art & Music Gallery (Morelia, Mich.).

Sound mixing & edition by Danni Lopez. Mastering by Jaen Tapia. Cover-art photo by Jose Suarez. Production & graphic design by Ricardo Herrera.

All tracks composed, arranged & performed by Ricardo Herrera.


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