• Released: December 7, 2018
  • 15 track(s)

The album was inspired by daily challenges of life, a sense of faith and forgiveness, a sad movie, a trust in one’s own actions, an enduring influences of a profound loss, but also some happy life moments. The neoclassical piano instrumental compositions are seasoned with a poetic imagination and unexplored sounds that will certainly appeal to the sensitivity of a listener of any generation, story and geography. The songs have a highly emotional and therapeutic connotations.


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  • Alison Joyce

    Alison Joyce February 24, 2020


    You cannot fail to be enchanted by the beauty of Antonija’s playing. This fine collection of unique compositions will certainly touch you deeply, as they have me. Antonija continues to make magic with her music. Her creative journey so far has been a very special one and I enjoy watching her go from strength to strength. Il Mare is a must have CD!

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