As Time Passes
  • Released: January 1, 2019
  • 9 track(s)

“As Time Passes has all the recognizable components of Ralph’s style. It starts with the evocative Nightwalk and continues developing with other pieces of exquisite subtlety and elegance, enveloping you in an intimate atmosphere, in which he masterfully explores the piano’s sonority. A sonority in which one can appreciate the extraordinary textures of Secrets in the Ruins and the suggestive nuances of As Time Passes; the theme that closes the album and for which it is named.

This new album is music to spur the imagination. With inspiration, simplicity and elegance, this superb work by Ralph Zurmühle confirms the solid trajectory of one of the greatest exponents in the world of solo piano.”

- YAMAHA Music Europe


“Enormously impressed. I think Track 9, the title track, is now worn out, I have played it so many times !!!”

- Tony Palmer (British film, theatre and opera director)


“One of the most expressive pianists on the planet… This is the kind of music that reveals something new every time you listen to it. I have heard the album at least ten times, and each has been an hour of fascination and discovery. Warm, often magical and a true piano masterpiece, ‘As Time Passes’ will definitely be on my 2019 list of Favorite Albums!”

- Kathy Parsons,


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  • Ralph Zurmuhle

    Ralph Zurmuhle February 28, 2019

  • Ralph Zurmuhle

    Ralph Zurmuhle June 2, 2023


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