Solo Flight
  • Released: October 1, 1985
  • 14 track(s)

Gentle Jazz Piano, original music by Richard Shulman. Solo Flight Produced By Richard Shulman and Gene Heimlich Engineered By Gene Heimlich Assisted By David Behuniak and Carl Seltzer Recorded at Seltzer Sound, N.Y.C. on a 1909 Steinway C, and at Baldwin Piano, N.Y.C. on a Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand using B&K microphones and an F1 Digital Processor, August-September 1985 Mastered at New York Digital by Kevin Boutote Remastered 2014 at Soundsmiths Mastering by Stephen Smith Original Cover Art: Danny Flynn Original 1985 Design: Charles Schaller Artwork and Design: Bonnie L. Down, Bonnie Designs Photo: Bernie Hirschenson Special Thanks to Charles Schaller, Trina Tempkin, Vali Rajah, David Behuniak Robin Leslie, Lee Rust, Steve Evans, June Bizantz, Video Masters Asheville NC, Stephen Smith, Charles Shulman, Herb and Celeste Shulman


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