Suspended Souls
  • Released: March 10, 2018
  • 10 track(s)

The entire album was composed on an emotional center that can be synthesized by a famous Heinrich Heine phrase: “Where words end, music starts.” The stories of these pieces are based on unsearchable feelings that can’t be expressed by words. These stories that can not be told emerge through music and they remain suspended inside us, but they not disappear, they condition us daily, give meaning to our lives. Stravinskij tells “the music expresses nothing but herself”, but the choice to organize time in a specific way and the decision to give a well-defined structure, leads to a sound organization that becomes the mirror of what we feel. Although this opens up a gap of incommunicability, taking away the certainty of what each of us feels listening to the same music, on the other hand gives us an infinite freedom to change the emotional image reflected in the musical mirror. I would complete Stravinsky’s phrase: “Music expresses nothing but herself” with “nothing could mean everything, because music can be all”. When we talk about absolute, the reverse of concepts is possible, and the question becomes more relativistic than we expected. There is a distinction between “ontological” sound, which “does not mean anything and is self-referential,” and “psychological” sound, which is the our emotional interpretation. The emotional nature of a music, though based on the same ontological sound, is distinguished by infinite interpretations of the different psychology of individual listeners. The message has the same sound for everyone, but different meanings. This communicative discrepancy transforms the author’s original message into several other messages. It is the richness of the musical language: to say much more than the author’s original intention.


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