Piano Forte
  • Released: April 12, 2017
  • 6 track(s)

“Piano Forte” is the last album by La Finestra, a piano solo project started in 2016 by the Italian composer and pianist Fabio Fornaroli.

As the title suggests, the focus of the album is on the piano as instrument and its ductility to provide a sufficient sound and rhythm, fulfilling alone the entire scene. While the first album (“Musica improvvisata a caso guardando fuori”) was a collection of improvisations, this second work aims to reach more thoughtful melodies, achieving a pop-oriented musicality. So, the “piano” and the “forte” are the two opposites that live together in six tracks full of contrasts, telling stories and investigating feelings that can be light or heavy. From the broken dreams of the opening “La ballata dei sogni infranti” to the freedom of “Jonathan Livingston”, through the quiet and the storm of “L’oceano” and the melancholic ending of a joyful summer in “La versione autunnale dell’estate” or the hopefully sadness of a love story like “Quando tu eri lei”.

The cover of the album is a psychedelic tree, an impossible one because it has no trunk. It’s solitary and strong, but also light as the fern is blown by the wind. It is both dreamlike and contradictory, like the contrast of piano and forte.

The album is available on all the main streaming platforms such as Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and Deezer and in digital download on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Physical CDs are available in signed limited editions on Bandcamp.



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