Harmony Grove
  • Released: February 10, 2003
  • 13 track(s)

Harmony Grove is derived from my rural life experiences over the past year. Living in the pastoral countryside of Pennsylvania has brought great delight and pleasure to me. Songs such as Natures Fury, The Chicken Chase and Halfway There are musical interpretations of my immediate natural surrounding, from the henhouse out back to the Appalachian Trail nearby.

The compositions in Harmony Grove” were motivated by two core things: personal events over the past year and writing songs into which I could integrate new techniques I have been experimenting with. Overall, the year has brought a great deal of joy and some sorrow.

The song First Light is about the first light of dawn coming through our bedroom’s 9 foot picture window, waking us to the day. The Reluctant Ballerina was written about a timid, reluctant dancer coming into her own as the music sets her free, something which anyone with a true love for music can understand. On a more somber note, the song Elementals was written as my mother’s illness progressed to her passing away, and the song Rising expresses the peace and relief of her transition. Nature’s Fury is about an approaching thunderstorm, expressing the feeling you get while looking at the ominous dark cloud in the distance and hearing the rumbling thunder and seeing the flash of lightning. Last but not least, The Chicken Chase paints a picture of our chickens as they scurry about, chasing after the tastiest morsels of food.


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