Beautiful Dreamer: Lullabies for the Parent & Child

Robin Spielberg

Genres: Classical, Other

Beautiful Dreamer: Lullabies for the Parent & Child
  • Released: May 1, 2000
  • 14 track(s)

“Classically trained musician Robin Spieberg brings forth a perfectly lovely solo piano recording of lullabies that’s a testament to the healing power of music. Beautiful Dreamer follows the artist’s collaboration with Susan McKeown and Cathie Ryan on the 1999 release Mother, as well as the birth of her surviving twin daughter, who was born four months premature. Having played through her pregnancy, Spielberg documents some of the sweet sounds her child experienced in utero, as well as those that indubitably improved vitals during the first months of her tiny compromised existence, making Dreamer especially dear, intimate, and inspirational. Warmly rendered, parents and children alike will find arrangements of Steven Foster’s title track, “Lavender Blue” from Disney’s Dumbo, and traditionals such as “The Water Is Wide” soothing, pliant, and artful. Particularly moving are Speilberg’s arrangements of classics like “The Inch Worm,” Brahms’s “Lullaby and Goodnight,” and the Huddie Ledbetter/John A. Lomax-penned closer, “Goodnight Irene.” —Paige La Grone for


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