American Chanukah: Songs Celebrating Chanukah & Peace

Robin Spielberg

Genres: Classical, Christmas & Holiday

American Chanukah: Songs Celebrating Chanukah & Peace
  • Released: September 24, 2002
  • 14 track(s)

On this solo piano cd, you will find cherished melodies such as ‘Rock of Ages’, and a beautiful interpretation of the theme from ‘The Moldau’ (used as Israel’s national anthem). There are Chanukah favorites like the ‘Dreydel Song’ and ‘Chanukah Prayer’, along with songs of peace. Also includes the rock band U2’s song ‘One’ in a brand new arrangement that conveys a heartfelt longing for peace and ‘West Bank Serenade’, a brand new Robin Spielberg original, that takes the listener on a journey that is at once moving, hopeful and triumphant.1. Chanukah, Chanukah/I Have A Little Dreydel

2. Jerusalem, Jerusalem

3. Rock of Ages

4. Sabbath Prayer

5. O Chanukah, O Chanukah

6. West Bank Serenade

7. Zum Gali Gali

8. Chanukah Prayer

9. Hanerot Halalu

10. First Night

11. One

12. Hatikvah/The Song of Hope (Theme from the Moldau)

13. Ofi’n Pripitchik

14. Tumbalalaika


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