In the Arms of the Wind
  • Released: May 1, 1997
  • 12 track(s)

Product Description

Original melodic creations by Robin Spielberg for piano and piano/ensemble (flute, fiddle, percussion, cello, oboe & more)

Piano soloist Spielberg has made the best record of an already illustrious career… her expert, yet delicate touch coaxes heart-opening melodies from a remarkably resonant instrument in crystal clarity. Being partnered on a few songs by guitarist Chris Theriault, fiddler Johnny Cunningham, and others on cello, flute, recorder and percussion does not diminish the haunting fragility of these remarkable compositions. Rather, tasteful accents only enhance their ethereal loveliness with a soothing, comforting, human touch that entices one even deeper into reverie.—New Age Retailer

This collection of original piano and piano/ensemble compositions earns high marks all around.Spielberg`s highly developed sense of melody is enhanced by a technical facility for the piano which lends an almost vocal air to these pieces….thoughtfully arranged and sensitively executed…Spielberg`s ability to conjure up visual images through purely instrumental works ranks among the best I have heard anywhere.—The Music Paper

Truly inspiring work that stands out in front of the new age pack; be sure and give this one a listen - it’s MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!—Improvijazzation Nation


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