Hope Resides
  • Released: December 31, 2013
  • 13 track(s)

“Hope Resides” is an emotionally rich, yet gentle compilation of songs. The songs present a lyrical snapshot of the emotions I experienced during 2012 while composing this body of work. These range from wistfulness to joy to loss, and returning, as always, to hope.

My wife and I took on the adventure of building an addition to allow her parents to move in with us, so the changes to our lives have been vast and plentiful. We are now a family, coping with Alzheimer’s and learning to live in the moment. I always knew what music meant to me, but now I have seen first hand how much music can add to others’ lives as well. When memories and the ability to think fail, the love of music continues.
This CD is dedicated to Jean.

Many of my songs over the years were written and inspired by our living with Alzheimer’s Disease. My own mother died of Alzheimer’s many years ago. The CD The Copper Hat was dedicated to her and many songs after that were composed of the emotions associated with that experience (Elementals, Rising…). Even though Jean has passed, I want to continue bringing awareness to this disease.


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