Into the Flow
  • Released: October 1, 2017
  • 12 track(s)

Into the Flow is the seventh solo album from Joseph Akins. It’s a diverse collection of twelve original solo piano pieces that continue with the unique style Joseph has established over the past ten years. With a Southern flair, he gracefully blends together elements from new age, jazz and pop genres to deliver heartfelt piano compositions.

Into the Flow begins with the title track, a simple, melodic composition that sets the peaceful mood of the record. The other eleven tracks include slow, pretty pieces such as A Pretty One for Unita, and Memories of Far Away; positive, cheerful songs, such as The Waterfall Waltz, and Foster Falls; and passionate, emotional compositions such as The Mystery Café and Winter is Here. There is even an easy country feeling number called Ghost of Mill Wee Hollow, that conjures up images of a haunted backhollow.

Into the Flow is happy, sad, mysterious and fun. A solo piano album that flows from one emotion to the other with ease.


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