• Released: November 6, 2008
  • 17 track(s)
<a href="">When Christmas Comes To Town by Doug Hammer</a>

Contemporary solo piano Christmas album with 17 tracks, including an original composed by Doug Hammer with vocals. Noel offers an improvisational approach to Holiday classics with some of Doug’s original music mixed in. Styles include New Age, Pop, Jazz, Funk and more.

On first hearing, I found myself thinking this was the most sensitive playing I heard this season.

Dr. Christmas

The wistful mood of Doug Hammer’s Noël is what hooks me into it. His style seems to draw every ounce of emotion from every note and bathe the listener in wave after wave of nostalgia and delight.

Richard Banks-

Hammer has arranged sixteen Christmas carols and songs from around the world and added one of his own originals to make a beautiful CD that is interesting and complex enough for focused listening but that also provides a colorful backdrop for other holiday activities. Bringing fresh interpretations to Christmas music is not an easy task, but Doug Hammer has done a great job!

Kathy Parsons-


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