• Released: September 1, 2009
  • 9 track(s)

VISIONARY PIANO PORTRAITS - Transforming Darkness into Supernal Wellsprings of Light


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    SHOSHANNAH May 24, 2010


    New Age Retailer

    The other day I was listening to Shoshannah’s album while driving through some of New York State’s most magnificent scenery. It was an experience of pure joy and beauty for nature’s artistry and Shoshannah’s music complemented each other completely.

    Rich masterful, deeply expressive, Deepheart Awakening is a moving solo piano work by a gifted and inspired composer/pianist.

    Shoshannah takes us through the full range of human emotions… from delicate bird-winged strokes to chords of sweeping power and depth. Her piano is both powerful and sublime, passionate and reflective. It fills me to overflow.

    Described as a combination of Old World beauty and New Age vision, Deepheart Awakening blends Classical New Age, modal melodies, impressionistic harmonies and Middle Eastern rhythms into such themes as hope, forgiveness, and compassion. These compositions are focused highly visual, melodic and healing. Deepheart Awakening is not background music. It deserves our full listening attention.

    Of all the excellent selections on the album, most notable are “Souls at Sinai”, “Deepheart Duet” bonus track with piano and sax (Sayyd), and particularly “Hope” - a deeply moving piece that beautifully expresses the yearning, struggle and ultimate triumph of the human spirit.

    Shoshannah began composing at the age of six and hasn’t stopped since. Now she offers us a special gift. In a world of dissonance, Shoshannah offers a musical sanctuary of Beauty, Harmony and Love.

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