Crossing the Bridge

Matthew Mayer

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Crossing the Bridge
  • Released: March 23, 1999
  • 12 track(s)
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The Original Solo Piano Album. Crossing the Bridge. Re-released in 2009.


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  • {name}

    {name} March 27, 2010


    Very inspirational! Just push play and close your eyes!  Absolutely outstanding!!

  • joe bart

    joe bart April 1, 2010


    The original, and still my favorite. Spent so many nights in the Music Department listening to these songs being born. Now, this album is my calming security blanket. My kids love it too—they go to bed listening to it many nights.

    A touch of raw emotion shines through each track.

  • kaze

    kaze November 5, 2010


    LOVE LOVE this ! can’t get enough

  • {name}

    {name} August 23, 2011


    Very relaxing is this piece. The dynamics in this song is just calming then it gets so passionate and powerful.

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