Patch Work
  • Released: September 30, 2006
  • 11 track(s)
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What do you do with a guy who cites his beginnings with Yanni, Jim Brickman, and similar pianists, but plays like Bruce Hornsby, Marc Cohn, or Billy Joel at times? How do you sum up someone whose compositions soothe the soul and rock the house, all at the same time? How do so many pianistic influences come together in one bag?

Heath Vercher tries to answer that question on his current release, Patch Work. The recording, all solo piano, is a mixture of pop, classical, jazz, and folk elements.

In the tradition of the great pianist-singers, Heath has tried to capture the beauty of stories in instrumental compositions which reflect details from his life. From the quiet yet stirring Hymn to the Marc Cohn-influenced Into the Wind, Heath’s compositions are sure to present something for everyone who loves music to enjoy.


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  • Maricet

    Maricet September 2, 2010


    Patchwork is a joyous creation as it honours all of the inner knowing which lies within. You can hear the vibrations of the essence of life in this music. You are hearing the gifts gained in life, that have come to remain a part of us. These various aspects are alive and glowing in this patchwork piece. And isn’t that the wonder of us all ... That our spirits are a colourful patchwork collection of energies, that resonate within, to echo of our past, our present and glow most brightly of the expression of; all that is.  May every patch bind together to warm, protect and shelter and embrace you always.
    Blessings always. Maricet

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