Blue Intermezzo
  • Released: October 27, 2010
  • 12 track(s)

Published by MUSEA ( Dreaming ) Rec. France on 27/10/2010

12 original piano tracks

Performed and recorded by Andrew Roussak on KAWAI GE-20 grand piano
Mastered by Sebastian Roeder at Backyard Studios, Kempten, Germany

8 pages colour booklet with an exclusive artwork of Martin “Man In The Mountain” Kornick ( Keith Emerson Band, Tangent, Neal Morse..)

All compositions written by Andrew Roussak except 2 ( Engl.trad.) and bonus tracks
11 ( aria from “Hunting Cantata”, BWV 208, J.S. Bach ) and 12 ( duet for soprano and alto from Cantata “Jesu Der Du Meine Seele”, BWV 78, J.S. Bach )


Track list - please click here.


21/10/2010, ArtRock on Magle Intl. Music Forum, ProgArchives:

“...All 12 tracks are very much worthwhile and make a wonderful collection - it really works well as an album. They are played with passion and skill, demonstrating once more what an great musician Roussak is. The recording is very good as well to my taste. Interesting art work for the cover and the booklet, a step-up from the debut in that respect. All around, a top notch CD, and an original gift for the holidays season. On a scale of 1-6, a 5,5 masterpiece.”


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  • jillile

    jillile November 29, 2010


    Am listening to Andrew Roussak’s fantastically rich and totally engrossing piano playing on his album Blue Intermezzo.  A beautifully constructed album, with some well known tracks and some music which I haven’t heard before. The command and depth of his playing shone forth from every track on the album.  This is an album which I will listen to over and over especially when I just want something to relax and chill to….....Awe-inspiring!

  • TheKing

    TheKing January 11, 2011


    Listening to Andrew Roussak’s new work is a very entertaining pleasure. The feeling and energy that Andrew Roussak has invested in his Production is captured in this Recording in an excellent way. Everytime you hear this masterpiece again you discover new nuances in his absolutely sensitively and nevertheless energetically piano playing. I enjoy this technically brilliant and also relaxing album “Blue Intermezzo” both in the living room and in the car! 6 Stars from me, because it is so stimulating and different from other productions because of its song variety…..wonderful!

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