Face to face
  • Released: February 14, 2011
  • 5 track(s)

Face to face album has been recorded at Birl Musique studio, Paris, on 2011 February.
Music composed and played by Marc CLEMENT on Pleyel piano.
Copyright DIAM, Inc. Editions and Marc CLEMENT. All rights reserved.

The first disk, numbered #1, was engraved on 2011 February 14 for the Valentine’s Day.


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  • Marc Clément

    Marc Clément April 21, 2011

  • nath

    nath May 1, 2011


    thank you for you wonderful album :)

  • Henry

    Henry May 3, 2011


    Marc Clement, with great artistic experience that can be distinguished, presents Face to Face, giving us the great opportunity to enjoy this music and that enjoys a wealth the variations, with an execution really adapted for this type of music, Marc Clement it is taking advantage of the resources as su creatividad

    It gives life to this gorgeous work, where different combinations from rates are being obtained proposing a regular texture and a estraordinario registry.

    It is without a doubt an idiomatic and barely characteristic musical speech. The music of Marc says much of its romantic thought.

    I said one time and now I repeat, each theme of this work tries to open itself and to be symbol, and musically they will be classic, because they have a special sound, that sound and those similarities that have coherence and are documented at a time; besides counting on a superb evolution of shades that show an enviable musical maturity: therefore, Marc, gives all a lesson us of how the technique of his to make musica reaches its more total sense when, far from gratuitous efectismos, it puts itself to the service than it interprets.

    Every one is free to think what wants, will always exist opinions different with this sort and from projects that approach of a different form.

    There is no intention to make controversy., is no lightness, no frivolity, simply what there is a counted history from the real expositions than the artist gathers, trying to take it to the public, and to cause that listens to it with interest, is still touched and is much more near .....
    Marc you are the best one.

  • Henry

    Henry May 3, 2011


    You are the best!!!!!

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