• Released: January 1, 2011
  • 14 track(s)

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14 unique piano solo pieces composed & performed by IWO. New Age piano is taken to a more sophisticated level by this classically trained pianist with performances that are beautiful yet a bit melancholy.


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  • Paul December

    Paul December January 25, 2011


    A truly beautiful and thoughtful album.  I appreciate her memorable melodies with the track “To Endure” standing out for me.

  • sebenza

    sebenza January 26, 2011


    this site is really really great, it’s incredible to enjoy such high quality music for free!!!

  • Matthew Meyer

    Matthew Meyer January 31, 2011


    Very nice solo piano album! #6 “To Roam” is one of my favorites. Good job, IWO!

  • madamlazonga

    madamlazonga January 31, 2011


    This music stirs something within me, all at once I am drifting, reminiscing, slumbering and enduring.  Iwo’s touch is so soft, a feast for the ears and the soul. My favorite is To Recover. I think about the cover of the cd, it makes me think of rain splashing onto the surface of the water in a fountain, where so many coins lay shimmering on the bottom. The music carries you, no? Tempts you to reach in for a coin. May I have one, Iwo?

  • beeryb

    beeryb February 1, 2011


    This album will take you on the journey of emotion and life. You can feel the artist passion through the key strokes of the piano and the beautiful music which follows. As a fan of dance, I would love to see ballet or contemporary interpetation and choreography of this emotional music. My favorite piece is To Endure, as I live it everyday!

  • peperkt.

    peperkt. February 2, 2011


    A beautiful first album that has that certain touch of class.

  • Moz_art

    Moz_art February 15, 2011


    Embodied by the artist and her whimsical nature…closing your eyes a dance beckons to uplift and release you…timeless new music for generations who seek to find themselves in truth as their body begins to sway with purity salved with light from a brilliant shooting star embracing us with love and hope and will to be more…

  • concerto_sln

    concerto_sln February 16, 2011


    A beautifully and emotionally crafted album.

  • osamu

    osamu February 20, 2011


    Pure, fragile and beautiful!
    Many amazing songs made me appreciate finding her CD.
    I feel thankful for her.

  • Bianca Siedenburg Hicks

    Bianca Siedenburg Hicks February 23, 2011


    ...Beautifully sublime and graceful melodies that transports the soul to an emotional and blissful experience of being alive…Iwo’s CD is musical poetry!!

  • Maricet

    Maricet February 28, 2011


    IWO’s Expression on the Piano is one of such great hope and power and depth. I am profoundly moved and touched to my core by the intensity of the mood, the motion, the strength that is felt within each expression. In each, a message, she brings to our hearts and minds. I have observed in IWO a depth most uniquely her own. And from this, we have been blessed for surely the gifts she brings, unlike others will touch us in ways we have not experienced before. Her music is worthy of note, so to admire and so to be valued, in that very special way as she has shared it with us, from that deep place where we all find ourselves together, at any one time or place in our lives. In heart, in soul, in mind, in sadness and in joy.

    IWO, I celebrate you, and the gifts of spirit you share with us.
    Thank You Most Sincerely, Maricet

  • Maricet

    Maricet February 28, 2011


    Experiencing the Wonders of IWO’s Music
    Thank you IWO,  for the beauty you share.
    Yours, Maricet

    To Roam
    Taken ~ with the greatest Joy. More than the heart can own. Upon our path we journey and though it seems we have a destination, a dream, along the way it is a winding trail. Though our spirit knows even when we feel we are uncertain and at times ... as the visions carry us slightly off course, “To Roam” in all it’s many faces of our expression. We find light and life and the journey home.

    To Endure

    Finding our way ... falling away ... grasping for straws ... tripping o’er stones, along the way ... do not dismay. You will prevail. You will recall ... that each stumbling block along your way, through sorrow, through pain, through the darkest of days. You’ll do it all, and you will grow, and you will wax strong and grow more determined, or learn to let go of that which does not serve or sever you and ... you will Endure.

    To Reminisce

    Oh but this music does caress the memory, sweet heart of mine, sweet bliss of time, gone by.
    Wavering and slipping back in time. Time not lost but carried forth within me. Oh yes not forgotten, not lost, not ever. For I have only to see a bird we once saw, smell the sweet scent of a flower in the garden, look upon a cloud above, name a star after one I have loved. I have only to hear the music that we so loved, walk the path we often walked while we talked and shared our many dreams. Where we held each others hands and heart so close, so near. I have only lost that which I cannot touch but, I have the gift of forever ... To Reminisce.

    To Recover
    Deep and difficult is the agony of the loss of that which has been taken. The ache a memory that still resounds within my spirit for awhile, Yet, I am beginning to see a light, as small as it may be for the moment, it is real. And I reach out for it before it disappears. Each time I do it grows larger and brighter and I am finding power in that light. And I thank you for being near for me. I thank the gifts of hope and treasure the promises new life offers me. And I believe again in all the possibilities. From one small staggering glimpse of hope in that tiny light my hopes have grown and each moment of every day, I know I will Recover.

  • JamesTuttle

    JamesTuttle September 4, 2012


    I first heard this album right here, on  It’s some of the best soft solo piano music I’ve ever heard.  I purchased the entire album from CDBaby as an mp3 download. 

    It’s now one of my favorite piano albums.  I can listen to it on repeat for hours on end without getting tired of it.

    THANK YOU IWO.  This is an Outstanding contribution to the musical world.

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