Dark Sparkles

Tim Fatchen

Genres: Classical

Dark Sparkles
  • Released: June 1, 2011
  • 17 track(s)

Lyrical classical solo piano: quiet, contemplative, melancholy, or darkly sparkling. Go here for more samples

“Collected here are myriad gemstones for the heart and ear: the voice of Tim Fatchen’s piano invites, cajoles, repents and glitters with wry humor and unabashed loveliness.

There are no soothing songs that slink into the background. Instead, we are carried forward and back through seasons of encroaching chill and rains that sigh down on parched hopes just often enough to renew faith that there will be, again, a Spring.

These are pieces that may lead down and through the emotional landscape of a moment, an hour or a decade, but always through. No shortcuts are taken, no bramble-laden paths turned aside from for safety’s sake. No simple tinkling prettiness awaits.

From the gently rising regret of Last Night 8pm to the swift flowing obsession of Panic Panic, Fatchen is never reluctant to peer over the edge of lost beauty in order to gain insight, whether mournful or merry. Here is music that exults in each honeycomb cell of a given experience; as much in the tender wounds of love as in its glories. Music that is intelligent, cerebral even, but always approachable, unselfconsciously joyous or brushed with melancholy; darkly sparkling.

Enjoy it.”

—Mari Kozlowski

Artwork and liner notes downloadable FREE at the album website, while you listen to more samples!


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    {name} July 3, 2011


    Eloquent and evocative solo piano:
    ‘Dark Sparkles’ is a tour de force for Australian pianist and composer Tim Fatchen. I first heard Fatchen’s work on the albums ‘Le Moulin du Bruel’ and ‘Tidewater’ and have been eagerly waiting to see in which direction his next release would go. The composer does not disappoint: 17 neo-classical and new age tracks cover the human emotional spectrum from bittersweet memory to wistful longing, from obsessive angst to clarity of vision; it soars, taking the listener on a journey from the inner dark spaces into the light of contemplative vistas. Introspective yet inviting, Fatchen’s compositions lay bare his emotional soul, and we find ourselves taking our own inner pilgrimage through the fabric of his virtuosic performances. An essential addition to any music library, ‘Dark Sparkles’ is a treasure for all seasons.

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