The Path of Peace
  • Released: June 12, 2007
  • 12 track(s)

The Path of Peace - Ben Dowling

The Path of Peace is a multimedia release, based upon solo piano music. A collaboration featuring the music of pianist Ben Dowling, and the visual art of Mark Wagner, the artists join in an exploration of the transformative power of beauty – in vision and sound. Released on DualDisc (CD/DVD), the product features 53 minutes of both audio-only (CD), and emotive, evolving multimedia (DVD), generating a contemplative environment for healing, meditation and anchoring a quiet peaceful space.

Review Excerpts:

“The project as a whole is phenomenal and needs to be experienced. I give The Path of Peace my highest recommendation, and hope to interview one or both artists very soon. Treat yourself and your loved ones to an extraordinary sensory experience! Wow!”

- Kathy Parsons of Solo Piano Publications (“Reviewer’s Pick”)

“Creating a liquidy, gentle and natural sense of flow and movement, this disc evokes deep and rich imagery, awakening the imagination and stirring the inner eye. With the same emotive and touching quality found in a piano soundtrack, The Path of Peace serves perfectly as a background for contemplative, reflective times.”

- CD Baby (“Editor’s Pick”)

“A powerful meditative experience…an amazing production piece and something you will listen to over and over again…”

- Tom Averna, NC Radio

“A unique event in music industry history… In a world filled with violence, tragedy and ignorance, Dowling and Wagner have found a way to be a part of the solution…”

- Vision Magazine

“The Path of Peace…reminds me of walking through an art museum with a very personal perspective and just the right music… Inspiration, tranquility and comfort are only a click away.”

- RJ Lannan (New Age Reporter)


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