Music for a Journey


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Music for a Journey
  • Released: May 18, 2011
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MUSIC FOR A JOURNEY is a piano suite that was written to accompany us in our real and imaginary journeys. If we wish to listen to music whilst we are on the move, we will discover that this is now possible… this soundtrack is for very special moments… our moments.

In many ways, each “piece” contains something essential for which it was written and, as I do every Saturday evening in Only Piano I would like to give you some explanations for each one of them:

The Suite starts off with Preludio (Prelude) that takes us to the shores of Historias del Mar (Stories of the Sea)... quiet waves on desert beaches coexist with mysterious sounds from the depths of the sea… Detrás de la Colina (Behind the Hill) tells the story of an unfulfilled love full of unforgettable memories… which inevitably will be forgotten… thanks to the freshness of Mañana (Tomorrow), which brings new hope and peace… Boceto Español (Spanish Sketch) moves away in time and drenches us with the south, water and orange blossom from a night train travelling through groves of olive trees… whilst El Príncipe Feliz (The Happy Prince) and his beloved swallow converse timidly until it becomes a messenger of the happiness that the Prince himself, as a statue, cannot bring those who need it most…


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