When the Moon Cries

Rhonda Mackert

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

When the Moon Cries
  • Released: October 1, 2007
  • 12 track(s)


Rhonda Mackert’s debut CD, “When the Moon Cries” features melody-driven solo piano music that both soothes and stirs the soul. Released in the fall of 2007, it has been featured on and receives ongoing airplay. “When the Moon Cries” placed fourth in the 2009 Just Plain Folks award for Best Album, Solo Piano category.

“Rhonda’s expressions are spiritual, emotional and tender.” - Gary Farr Sky.fm Solo Piano Channel Creator, Programmer and Host Pres. of Secret Formula Records, Inc.


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  • Matthew Meyer

    Matthew Meyer April 30, 2010


    This album is true to its description. The melodies are memorable and distinct. Very enjoyable!

  • Rhonda Mackert

    Rhonda Mackert December 16, 2014


    When the Moon Cries

    When I first heard Rhonda Mackert’s CD “When the Moon Cries” released in 2007, I felt a personal connection to her compositions and a tasteful touch on the piano. Rhonda’s expressions are spiritual, emotional and tender.  When I read that Rhonda was also a flutist, it made sense to me hearing her melodic writing incorporated in the compositions.
    I was delighted when Rhonda agreed to let me feature her and the music on Sky.fm’s Solo Piano Channel. My audience enjoyed her feature and we are still playing Rhonda’s tracks daily in our playlist. I look forward to the next release.
    Gary Farr,  Sky.fm Solo Piano Channel Creator, Programmer and Host Pres. of Secret Formula Records, Inc.
    When the Moon Cries
    Rhonda Mackert’s solo piano debut “When the Moon Cries” is a must buy for those looking to touch nearly every emotion in one hours time.
    Rhonda Mackert is a musician/pianist from Washington state, and this solo piano project is the first of many promising CD’s… It’s the heart beating behind the keyboard that makes her music special to any listener of Moon Cries.
    Rhonda shows depth and maturity in her compositions and we can be certain that her future projects will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. But for now, Moon Cries stands on its own beauty and touches every emotion the heart can render.

    Paul Gentry, Sockspider Radio

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