• Released: July 25, 2010
  • 14 track(s)

All original music, a personal and reflective journey. Nominated for Album of the Year by Whisperings and SoloPiano.com, respectively, in 2014.

1. Five Years

2. Possibilities

3. The Gift

4. Dance

5. I Feel You

6. Imagination

7. Tender, These Thoughts

8. Wolf

9. Lost Love

10. Time Passing

11. Story/Birth

12. Lanie’s Theme

13. Epilogue

14. For Rose (bonus track)


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  • L.martinson

    L.martinson March 2, 2011


    I listen to your cd when I need to relax, before I go to sleep at night, when I do yoga, after I’ve had a hard day and when I need to just be in the moment. Your music has reminded me of how much I love classical music. Thank you for making this cd. Your music is touching and beautiful.

  • jadesprinkaan

    jadesprinkaan September 5, 2012


    Lovely music!  Soulful and expressive. 
    When a song can keep my attention for the entire duration, I’m impressed :)

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