Volume One
  • Released: August 18, 2010
  • 9 track(s)

The first album from Quiet Soul Piano is a collection of reflective Solo Piano songs for quiet, prayerful, and meditative times.

“Prelude” sets the stage for a soul searching experience. Coming in like a lamb, and bringing you to a quiet place, where you can stay if you like.

“Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us” is a haunting melody from the old Baptist hymnal, here given some minor melodic and chordal twists that soothe and smooth. As “By His Design” hits it’s first notes, now you’re deep in meditation, sensing the power of the creator, and leading you to a state “Of Clear Mind”.

“Mother and Child” is dedicated to the special maternal bond. With a call and response high and low to bring to mind the discourse of both.

We’ve all been just about to a goal, when something holds us back. That’s the theme of “Almost…But Not Quite”.

“The Savior is Waiting” is another song plucked from the hymnal, but yet subtly played and designed to relax.

“Another Stolen Moment” is a quiet respite before the listener enters “Dream Canyon”. A majestic, grand locale…where dreams come to rest.

About the Artist

Producer and pianist Eric Copeland conceived the Quiet Soul series from his love of relaxing, restful, yet meaningful and melodic music.


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