Quiet My Heart
  • Released: November 11, 2011
  • 16 track(s)

This CD is quiet. And I didn’t plan to record it. Somehow the book with all of the music I have written disappeared last spring. I was busy teaching at the time and thought perhaps it had been left at one of the places I had traveled to. It took me a couple months of searching and ended up with me flying back to the village in the Arctic Circle where we had lived. I never found the book, but hidden deep in a box of belongings out in a storage shed was an envelope with most of the songs…my backups. As I went through the envelope I found several songs I had forgotten about. Songs written during painful times long ago. During the summer as I played I began, for the first time, to include some of this music. The emotions of those losses began to surface. However, wrapped within the anesthetic and beauty of God’s grace in the music, I was able to remember, experience and finally accept and put to rest the sadness. I also experienced the loving embrace of a healing and caring Holy Spirit.xperienced the loving embrace of a healing and caring Holy Spirit.


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