• Released: January 1, 2013
  • 14 track(s)

As we all would agree, the beauty in life is not necessarily the joys that come along, but the ability to appreciate those joys through the tribulations that accompany them. Within the last few years, I had hit what I would call an early mid-life crisis. Being devastated by a series of difficult events, I found myself waking up every morning completely unhappy, with no motivation or desire to move ahead. I had literally given up. Once this moment has been reached in ones life, the ability to get out of it is of the most difficult. After a couple of years of attempting to dig myself out of this hole, I became inspired by the simple realization that: As long as I am willing to pick up the pieces and start over, I will always discover a place that I never expected. “Onward” is the ongoing theme in this album. To move forward, no matter what is trying to hold you down, and no matter how difficult it is to take even the smallest of steps, is to acknowledge to yourself that you cannot and will not give up. I hope you enjoy the roller coaster of emotion that I present to you. Enjoy!


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