When Soul & Heart Collide


Genres: Contemporary & Modern

When Soul & Heart Collide
  • Released: October 25, 2000
  • 13 track(s)

When Soul & Heart Collide is one of the most accurate descriptions of my creative process. Very often in the studio sessions, the mind is not involved in any way. The soul and heart take over control of my hands, allowing the passions and feelings shine through, sometimes very intensely.

Once again, none of the tracks have been tampered with. The performance on these tracks has not been altered to maintain the integrity of the moment caught on tape during the recording sessions. Again, many of the tracks are first time improvisations.

After all the hours in the studio and the sometimes agonizing decisions of what to keep and what to leave out, I am quite happy to present to you, When Soul & Heart Collide.

Jack Milak passed away in Nov, 1999. He was a friend, teacher, mentor, motivator and an inspiration to any who came in contact with him. He had touched many young musicians’ lives by fostering their love and thirst for music. This is the legacy he left behind. This project is dedicated to Jack Milak by one of the many who has been fortunate to have been his student and friend.


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    Pagin July 16, 2013


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