Somewhere Within - solo piano

Joe Bongiorno

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Somewhere Within - solo piano
  • Released: August 10, 2007
  • 11 track(s)

Somewhere Within

“This album is easily the best new age solo piano recording to be released this year, and the quality rivals releases by such noted pianists as David Lanz and George Winston. Upon listening it is obvious that Joe plays straight from the heart, and his technique is absolutely stunning! In his capable hands the music never becomes tedious, as he utilizes the full range and nuances of the instrument to paint a beautiful picture with an engaging sound. Plus the songwriting skills of Joe Bongiorno match the quality of his musicianship, and all of the tracks on this album are extremely well written.

So from the beautiful opening track “Walk With Me” to the final strains of “Beyond Forever”, you are taken on a magical musical journey by Joe Bongiorno, and during that time your spirit is allowed to explore that secret place which can be found “Somewhere Within”. This is music that is charming and inviting, and you will want to listen to it often! I really enjoyed this album, as it was one of the most pleasant surprises in the solo piano genre this year!”

- John Iverson, CKUW - Shades of Classics, Winnepeg


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  • Nobody

    Nobody March 4, 2011


    Soothing music and well done by artist. Well wishes to him

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