• Released: February 23, 2005
  • 14 track(s)

Composing has always been my true passion with music. My desire to be original always outweighed any style of music I ever played. I find that composing also makes me more capable of interpreting the compositions of others when I play their music. I compare playing music to acting or reading a script: You can get all of the words correct, but it is the expression of the meanings between the lines that brings the characters to life.

Although most of my compositions can be played on the piano, some of them were written for other instruments of the orchestra, and in some cases, for the full orchestra. Sometimes when I am playing, I imagine an entire orchestra playing with me. I find this enhances the vibrancy and richness of some of the musical phrases. I tend to think of the piano as a tool that I use to bring the music of my soul to life.

The music that I write tells stories through feelings and experiences, rather than words. In most of my pieces you can hear the first theme or phrase right away. (It may even repeat to reinforce the idea.) The first phrase reflects a light or transcendent color. There can be a second theme or transition, but it develops into a darker, more intense setting. As the piece reaches a climax, there is a break and finally a return to the original theme. I call this process the “musical arc.” Movie scripts, dance sequences, novels, and poems all use a similar structure.

Some people ask me what the stories are specifically about in my music; and I say “Love, loss, pain, new beginnings, and all other life experiences.” My experiences? Maybe. But without words, everyone’s interpretation is viable.

DREAMS is a collection of my most treasured creations over the last several years. From “Moon Child” to “into the void,” each song tells its own story of love and life. However, together the songs create a greater journey that follows the same musical formula on a larger scale.

Spiritually, DREAMS is a reflection of where I’ve been and where I want to go. It illuminates a journal of the past and a map of the future. As abstract and as beautiful as music can be, I hope it will ultimately reflect true inspiration in our lives.


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