Floating on a Melody
  • Released: October 12, 2012
  • 12 track(s)

Lyrical, magical, and dreaming, reminiscent of new age and neoclassical mysticism, “Floating on a Melody” features 12 original solo piano compositions by Christopher Boscole performed on a 9’ Steinway D Concert Grand and digitally mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven.

1. Floating on a Melody

2. A Country Dawn

3. Solo Per Vivere

4. Once Upon a Possibility

5. Waves of Twilight

6. To Travel the Multiverse

7. Ballade of Adagio

8. The Knight Returns

9. A Distant Universe

10.Peace of Imagination

11.Collage in Dreams

12.Vous Revoir

“Christopher Boscole’s work is a living tapestry of sound. Each note is a colorful thread interwoven to create a masterpiece that enraptures the soul and relaxes the mind. The journey through this album was like a breath of fresh air…just a couple of notes and I was hooked. If you enjoy neoclassical piano with hints of new age and jazz this is an artist you are going to want in your collection.” by Dana Wright - Musicreviews.com Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus

It’s not just that the title of his latest CD, Floating On A Melody reflects pianist Christopher Boscole’s passion for sailing, but his music is imbued with a movement and flow that is peaceful yet exhilarating like a being out on the water with the wind in your sails. Since 1986, over the course of 8 albums, Christopher has plied these musical currents, with his latest vessel being a Steinway Concert Grand Piano. As a composer Christopher combines what he calls “old-school type musical crafting,” with more spontaneous improvisational playing. Christopher’s style incorporates new age, jazz, and neo-classical elements along with his own unique musical perspectives. The ship sets sail on the title track, which departs the dock with effortless grace, picking up momentum and leaving a joyous melody in its wake. As mentioned above, a sense of gliding on the water is often conveyed in his music, especially this track. However, back on dry land, a song entitled “Country Dawn” paints a more pastoral picture that conjures an image of the sun rising – bright and full of promise on a brand new morning. By contrast, “Waves Of Twilight” reflects the other end of the arc of a day, where energy begins to settle and the last rays of a once brilliant sun give way to the deepening shadows of the night. Grander vistas are evoked in a piece called “To Travel The Multiverse,” which like the title track gives a feeling of sailing, yet the view out this porthole is more likely to be a sea of stars. One of my favorite tracks on the album was “Peace Of Imagination.” Its dreamy ambience has a quality that feels both far away, yet deeply internal at the same time that I found quite touching. Obviously, I’m not the only one who has been touched by Christopher’s impressionistic contemporary instrumental music. His last three solo albums have found their way into the Top 10 on the popular ZMR Charts which track radio airplay from a large number of stations. I have no doubt that Christopher Boscole’s latest CD release Floating On A Melody will find its place in both hearts and charts, as his previous music has. To read a feature article on this CD, as well as others, please visit: www.michaeldiamondmusic.com


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