Time Apart
  • Released: March 31, 2014
  • 8 track(s)
Simon Reich has been playing piano since he was a 6 year old boy, but only came into his own when he realised he had a gifted ear for music & rather than concentrate on written music he was given, branched out into the world of composition. Writing music became a daily occurrence, often through the medium of improvisation. Before Simon had a means to record these musical gems, some of these tunes were just played once or twice & then forgotten. Since the advent of home recording, that’s all changed & now all the inspiration can end up captured, stored & now available for you to listen to. Using synthesizers has also added the world of orchestration to the original music he records & this is now giving the tunes a real emotional edge. That’s not to say the music did not have creative interest in them, but the additional orchestration really tugs at the heart strings & brings the melodies to life.
I’m convinced your soul will be touched by this collection of music.


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  • Simon Reich

    Simon Reich April 29, 2014



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