Little Gems

Carol Comune

Genres: Classical

Little Gems
  • Released: June 17, 2014
  • 15 track(s)

A timeless collection of melodies that introduce the listener of any age to the simplicity and grace of the world’s great composers.

Guest Artist :

Charles Lewis, Trumpet


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  • Carol Comune

    Carol Comune June 18, 2014


    Little Gems is a Large Jewel by Valerie Saalbach

    This is a MUST for the listener new to classical music and especially for children. The pieces Ms. Comune has chosen are just the right length for the young ear. But for us “old ears” too it is a delight to hear favorite piano works played with such understanding and heart and to hear favorite arias “sung” by a different instument. Ms Comune has succeeded in creating a beautiful gathering of “gems” to create a CD that is a very large jewel.

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