The Gentle Awakening

Gary Farr

Genres: Other

The Gentle Awakening
  • Released: December 31, 1998
  • 12 track(s)
Gary Farr composed and recorded 7 different albums to date, The Gentle Awakening being the first of two New Age CD’s released. He performed his solo piano works for charities and spiritual organizations throughout the South Florida area. Wearing several hats in the music field, Gary recently relocated to Southern California as a TV and film composer. The Gentle Awakening is a spiritually inspired original composition of piano and orchestral sounds based on the teachings and readings of “A Course in Miracles”. The serene music touches the hearts and souls of the true inner self.
The Story by Gary Farr
Back in 1996 I was given a book cassette of Marianne Williamson’s ‘Return to love’ by a bass player friend who had recently lost his girlfriend to Leukemia. The tape sat in my studio for several weeks, I would look at it and think to myself, ‘he’s gone religious on me, it’s understandable, he just lost his girlfriend’. I would get phone calls from him at least three times a week about the tape. “Did you listen to it? It’s really great, Gary you have to hear it!”. I continued putting him off. I had planned a short trip down to Islamorada for a few days, it’s about a two hour drive from my house. I popped the tape in the car and I started listening to what Marianne had to say. I thought to myself, ‘she has some very valuable points about life, within yourself, who we are, what is our purpose here on the earth’. After listening to it for 10-20 minutes, my wife leaned over to the volume knob and I thought she was going to turn it off, she turned it up instead! We listened to the whole tape several times during that 2 day trip. Marianne’s book is based on ‘A Course in Miracles’ book. I won’t get into details here, find out for yourself! So we decided to get the book. Coincidently my mother-in-law was given the book by a friend that same year so she gave it to me. Let me try and make this short, from the readings and teachings of ACIM, I became so inspired and in touch with God, the inspirational composing started flowing through me like there was no tomorrow. I had to share this music with everyone, and I did. The music has touched hearts and souls and is a feel good situation for everyone - Gary


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