Full Moon
  • Released: October 9, 2005
  • 12 track(s)

Full Moon brings mystery, adventure and a great appreciation for nature and its surroundings.

Beautiful soothing melodies that can be bright and colorful or dark and erie.


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  • Linda Seeley

    Linda Seeley April 14, 2010


    Full Moon
    Linda Seeley
    2005 / Linda Seeley
    50.8 minutes

    “Full Moon” is Linda Seeley’s second solo piano release of original material and is another reminder of how many great pianist/composers are out there who have yet to be heard by a wide audience. Based in southern Wisconsin, Seeley is a music educator living on a 70-acre farm as well as an avid outdoors-person. Much of this music is inspired by nature and has a strong classical influence. Some of the music is quiet and soothing while other pieces are much bolder and more dynamic. I love the contrasting styles and the way they demonstrate Seeley’s range both as a composer and as a pianist. To say I’m impressed would be putting it mildly!

    “Full Moon” begins with “The Great Man,” a piece composed in honor of Seeley’s late father-in-law. Sometimes quietly reflective and sometimes bigger and more powerful, it’s a wonderful tribute to a beloved man. “The Magic of Nature” is much lighter and more joyful - almost dancing - and describes the many cycles of life; I really like this one! I also really like “Fireflies and Fairies,” a magical little piece that doesn’t have a care in the world. The light-hearted energy of the music is infectious. My favorite track is a fascinating piece called “Esox.” Named for a mighty muskellunge, “the king of freshwater fish. They are a ferocious predator and very hard to catch.” The piece begins very gracefully and reminds me of watching a large fish swimming peacefully and slowly. Then the theme changes to a much more dramatic style that is also more discordant and dark and causes a similar gut reaction to hearing the theme from “Jaws.” The piece then returns to calm beauty and sparkling water. What a great musical storyteller Seeley is! “Soulmates” is a gorgeous love song - passionate and from the heart. Another musical story is found in “Frozen Charmed Woodlot,” which describes an event that happens every fall where the lush woods become leafless and frost begins to form. That’s apparently also the best time to hunt bucks, so the piece is a combination of a peaceful frozen landscape and the thrill of the hunt. “Making Ice” sparkles and dances all over piano, creating a picture of bone-chilling cold and stark beauty. “Sunflower” warms things back up with a lovely grace. The title track is very dark and mysterious yet magical and full of life - another favorite!

    “Full Moon” obviously isn’t a new release, but it certainly bears checking out! It is available from www.seeleys.biz, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Very highly recommended!

    Kathy Parsons


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