Make Something Happen

Linda Seeley

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Other

Make Something Happen
  • Released: October 9, 2002
  • 12 track(s)

Twelve songs that take you out on an outdoor adventure!

Fishing, bowhunting and being out in nature inspired me to compose these unique beautiful compositions.


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  • Linda Seeley

    Linda Seeley April 14, 2010


    Make Something Happen (An Outdoor Adventure)
    Linda Seeley
    2002 / Linda Seeley

    Make Something Happen (An Outdoor Adventure) was pianist/composer Linda Seeley’s 2002 debut CD. Inspired by nature and Seeley’s love of the outdoors, these piano solos have their roots in classical music while staying firmly in the present. I’m not a fan of hunting wild animals, but this is an activity close to Seeley’s heart and she expresses that love and deep connection in her music. Seeley is also a piano teacher in southwestern Wisconsin, and one of her very young students sings on one of the tracks.

    The first part of the “outdoor adventure” is a piece called “Hollandale Hideaway,” a depiction of the four seasons in Seeley’s home area where she and her husband own 70 acres. Ranging from graceful and spare to animated and light to dark and dramatic, it tells a powerful story of change and renewal. “Ripplin Rainbow Redds” refers to fly fishing for rainbow trout and Seeley captures the feeling of the river rushing by while waiting for a bite along with the serenity of being there.  I really like the subtle energy and a sense of mystery in “Spring Serenade.” “Songbird’s Ballade” is made up of a variety of movements - perhaps a tribute to each of several kinds of birds - and has a gentle sweetness and delicate beauty. Nice! “The House on the Hill” is a ballad about the house that used to stand on Seeley’s property and the people who lived there. Dreamy and expressive, it tells a lovely story. I really like “Orion’s Wish,” a dark and mysterious tribute to the constellation nicknamed “The Hunter.” Sometimes quiet and hushed, and sometimes lively and bright, it’s an intriguing piece. I also really like “Serenity,” with its fluid, easy flow and a peaceful melody that often crosses into the bass clef. Blissful! “Long Ago Dreams” starts with the folk song, “Long Long Ago,” which most beginning piano students learn and many children sing in school. This song kindled Seeley’s interest in the piano and sparked her dream of playing the piano. It’s a lovely recollection and a charming close to her impressive debut.

    Make Something Happen is an excellent first effort, although the artistic growth from this album to Linda Seeley’s 2005 release, Full Moon, is tangible. Both albums are very worthwhile additions for anyone who loves solo piano music that tells a story and is more complex and fully-realized than some of the music that falls into the category of “new age.” Both albums are available from, Amazon, and CD Baby. Check ‘em out!

    Kathy Parsons

  • rambleach

    rambleach September 19, 2011


    soothing,calming…i heard this when i was ill and it healed my heart and soul…feels great

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