My Face Music Book
  • Released: January 19, 2016
  • 10 track(s)

In the early 2010, I decided to make an experiment of creating a piano album via Facebook. After every struck of inspiration for a particular musical theme, I recorded it in my studio and shared it on my Facebook wall. Each piece of music was commented by my Facebook friends. I chose the most popular improvisations for the album according to their likes and comments. Because of my interaction with the listeners online I eventually came up with the project title, a certain word play: I named it “My Face Music Book”. Before the official release of the album, I decided to share the complete album with my Facebook friends and then something beautiful happened: Sasa Cetkovic, the photographer with whom I was only a “virtual friend” then, decided to give me a selection of his artistic photographs he was inspired to choose after listening to my album. He named each photo with the names of my compositions. All of these photos are included in this edition, along with the video “My Piano” that I authored and directed. This CD also comes with the musical scores of all improvisations, except that of the bonus track entitled “In the sea the sound”, that I wanted to include in order to complete the circle: It is my piano improvisation recorded back in 1975 when I was six years old.
Matej Meštrović

“Matej Mestrovic is one of the few Croatian musicians / composers who create beautiful pictures with their music, while magically putting a smile on your face at the same time. Meštrović climbed to the throne of the elected with this album, of those who lead us through dreams with their music that you listen as a privilege or you take it as a remedy against the cruel reality.”
Dubravko Jagatić


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